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Club Rules

To support the smooth running of the club we have developed some rules. The committee welcomes discussion on the suitability and utility of these documents

The constitution is the principle document the guides the operation of the club.

Bylaws augment the constitution by expanding on some of the details.

The Code of Conduct outlines the expected behaviour of members, visitors and committee.

The Social Media Policy describes the expected behaviour of club members while using the clubs social media platform

The Club does not tolerate harassment. This document describes unacceptable behaviour and how it will be dealt with.

Addressing member complaints about discrimination and harassment quickly and fairly is good for the club because it can:

  • identify ways to improve club practices and policies.

  • improve member morale, participation and retention.

  • help avoid complaints to external agencies and/or legal action.

This document contains some good practice  guidelines.

The club does not provide services for children. Children are welcome at club events but they remain the responsibility of their parent(s)/guardian(s). This documents explains club expectations.

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