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The 4WD Adventures web site plan

This is the overall plan for the clubs web site. It is basically in two parts "public" pages that everyone can see and "private" pages that are only available to members after logging in, there is also a hidden part where you need to tyep the name, eg

Public Part (everyone sees this)

  • Home:   The home or landing Page

  • About:  All about the club

  • Activities:  A sample of the types of activities that we do

  • Photos: 

  • Contact:  How to contact the club and a google map to where we are​

Private Part (only after you have logged in)

  • Trips :  Our trip list

  • Newsletters: an archive of all of our newsletters

Hidden Part (only after you have logged in, and you have to type the link )

  • Admin:  Admin instructions for future web masters

  • Help:  Wix help notes for future web masters

  • Plan: the plan for the web site (this page)

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